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LeTravino's News

Posted by LeTravino - March 9th, 2013

Hey there! I'm here with my usual update!

Sadly, on the animation side of things, I haven't gotten much done. It's been an unusually busy week for me with work, so, time's been scarce. I've been slowly writing my script, but I'm still a little ways away. I'm gonna make it a goal to record on Monday morning, before school, so I can get the basic storyboarding done on Flash, and finally get this bad boy rolling like I want to.

Also, because I've kind of had a bout with writer's block, I've been working on some standalone pieces. I recently posted my sketch of Rebecca Crow [aka Katherine Suicide - one of my favorite Suicide Girls] and it's gotten a few good reviews, which is always nice. I'm hoping to post another one, this time a fully-rendered, digitally done drawing of Countessa Suicide. I'm really proud of how her face and hair turned out, and I'm working on her body. Hopefully, work schedule pending, I can finish it up maybe tonight or tomorrow. I like to have a good variety going - I don't want to be strictly animation or strictly artwork.

Hardly an interesting update, I know, but I made a promise to not quit this gig, and make sure you guys are updated. There are only 18 of you right now, but, shit. You're all important to me.

So, go check out my art portal! So far, all of it's E-Rated, if that concerns you at all [yet my next one will be M-rated.. risque!], and give it a good, honest vote!

See you guys soon, hopefully with some new screenshots and clips!

Posted by LeTravino - March 4th, 2013

Well, it seems like Ketchup Pump has run its course, and it accumulated damn near 20,000 views, which was astounding to me. I've read most of, if not all, of the reviews and I've taken a lot of it to heart, the majority of it being the good type of constructive criticism that's gonna help me improve.

I've been working hard on the script for my next project, altering it to be more in my liking. I've also redrawn the characters multiple times, until I came up with something I don't feel I've ever seen or drawn before, and I've mastered the main character from all angles. I'll have some concept art up maybe tomorrow!

I'm excited to see where this new journey takes me. I've already made a few new pals, and maybe made a collaborative connection or two. Maybe we'll start seeing some of that in the hopefully-not-too-distant-future. School's starting to get a little more hectic, and I'm going to have to prioritize my time and study, so this project is going to inch long slowly. Combine that with doing a fluid-style animation, with a bit of action, and an overall longer video, I'm not gonna promise a release date within this month, at all. Probably not even next month. It really depends.

But, like I have been doing, I'll make it a point to make a solid update here every so often, once a week at the very least, and if I feel it's appropriate, I'll upload some concept art and screenshots.

I don't want to reveal what it's gonna be about just yet, though. I will say though, that it is a video game parody, of a series I frankly don't see done much. It's a series I've loved all my life, so this should be pretty fun!

Posted by LeTravino - February 28th, 2013

Not only did Ketchup Pump make the cut, but it landed on the Front Page. I couldn't be more excited, and I've literally been dancing and yelling around my room for the past few minutes and now I'm frantically typing this post so I can say it all here

THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING. The good votes, the bad votes, the good reviews, the bad reviews. You guys are watching my stuff and I really couldn't be happier. And to have this done only three animations in [I don't really count my Game Grumps Animated on YouTube because it's naturally something that would get a lot of views] - I really didn't expect it.

I'm stoked beyond words, and goddamn it, I'm gonna celebrate it.


Posted by LeTravino - February 27th, 2013

Please, go vote to keep it around!

Ketchup Pump on NG!

Posted by LeTravino - February 26th, 2013

Be there, or be square Newgrounds.

I'm real proud of this one, and I hope it works okay. I experimented with buttons and whatnot and all seems to work well when I demo it, so, let's hope for the best!

YouTube release will be 2/27/13 at noon.
Should the testing go well, the Newgrounds version will follow suit within minutes.

I'm so fucking stoked <3

Posted by LeTravino - February 22nd, 2013


So, first things first, I wanted to brag a bit bout the progress I've made since my last update.. what, 3 days ago? Maybe 4? I dunno. Point is, I freaking finished the basic animation. You know, the lineart for the characters and whatnot.

I also finished the coloring! Shading and line cleanup are going on now, in tandem. Then I gotta slap the backgrounds in, and hopefully exporting it works fine.

Speaking of which, I need to PM Mike back - the Swivel creator. I had a major issue exporting using Swivel with 'Pendicitis, and I wanted to see if the issue got dealt with and whatnot. Otherwise, I hope I can get it exported just fine.

Anyhoo, I also wanted to announce the title!

It's gonna be the first in a series I plan on doing. Not all at once, but I'll gradually come out with more. The series is called 'Food Worker Woes', and will regard me pretty much complaining about things involved with working with food. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but we all have those little things that tick you off. So, I like to make light of it and hopefully make others laugh, you know?

Anyways, This first installment is gonna be called 'Ketchup Pump'. Guess what it's gonna be about.

I'm really proud of it, and I can't wait until I finish polishing it off and finally show it to you all! My aim is to have it out on the 28th.

canzihep <-- A message from my girlfriend. She's silly.

And no screenshot this time. I don't wanna give anything else away!

Posted by LeTravino - February 17th, 2013

I kind of want to make it at the VERY LEAST a weekly thing where I update my news feed, just to show I'm still around, and still doing my thing. My animation's come a little slowly, with Valentine's Day, work, school, and whatnot, but I can safely say I'm 1/3 done. I have a lot of short shifts this week, an two extra days off, so I'll have an unusual amount of time to take advantage of, so hopefully I can get a good amount of progress done.

A part of me really does wish I went with a slightly simpler character design, especially since another character does have that simpler design and I wind up finishing his shots a hell of a lot faster. I also watched some of my favorite animators for a little inspiration and noticed that they tended to have fairly simple designs. I'm capable of heavy detail, but if I want to put out stuff regularly, I gotta master the simple stuff first. Like with any medium, that's how you have to start. I might be a decent artist on paper, and an okay one with photoshop, but Flash is another ballgame entirely, and you just have to learn the ropes. I'm really taking this as a learning experience, you know?

I've learned a lot about myself, about the jokes I wanna make, about my blatant lack of work ethic and ways to improve it (I literally have not played a video game in over a week, and I genuinely feel like shit when I can't get some form of my creative process going on any given day)

I dunno, just a lot.

My girlfriend, though. She hit it home. I've been doing this almost non-stop for a couple months now, and I've been having the time of my life. She asked me if I get bored of it, and I just said '.. no. I don't.'

And I realized that, if it's at all possible, I really want this. I want to do this for a good, long time.

With that, I'm out. Off to draw a little more, then off to bed for a short shift tomorrow, then to draw some more, and hopefully get this damn thing out. I'm getting eager to start my next project, already! It's a fine line you have to walk. I want to be excited to keep my momentum going, but I can't get so over-excited that I rush this one into poor quality.

I also want to make it a point where I upload a screenshot, so, let's see here...


Posted by LeTravino - February 6th, 2013

I took a couple of days off after completing 'Pendicitis, and now I'm working hard on my new project, with hopes in being done before school starts on Monday.

I already knocked out the recording session today, so now I'm just sorting out the audio and drawing up the stills that are gonna make this animation come to life. I'm working on a different style than 'Pendicitis was, going more for 'moving stills' rather than fluid animation.

Hopefully I can get it done soon, and that it's worthy of more views!

Posted by LeTravino - January 31st, 2013

I finally got my first original video finished, so, check it out on YouTube! Once I figure out submitting things here, I'll have it up. I'm aiming for tomorrow!

I'm pretty proud of it, even though.. well, it's shitty. BUT. It's my baby and I love it and CPS nor a nasty divorce can never take it away from me.

If you like it, please, hit that like button. Hit that subscribe button. Maybe share it with a friend. Give it a little exposure. I did put a direct link to it on my first animation, my Game Grumps Animated, so it should get some pimpage from that, but the more, the better!


***EDIT*** 'Pendicitis is now up for Judgment here on Newgrounds! Go check it out, and tell me what you think!
***EDIT2*** It passed judgment, I'm so glad! I've gotten a couple of really positive reviews, which is more than I hoped for - I just hoped it got to stick around. Thank you to everyone who gave me a positive vote, negative vote, any sort of vote!

'Pendicitis on Newgrounds

Posted by LeTravino - January 29th, 2013

Oh man, it has to have been at least a year since I've seriously come on this site, and it really looks like a lot has changed. But, as with the site, I, too, have changed.

I'm starting to really get into animation, and I even did my very first short - a Game Grumps Animated short you can visit here. My goal for it was to hit just 100 views. Just 100, and I've be absolutely floored. As of this post, it's amassed VERY close to 5,000 views, over 50 times my expectations, and it just sparked something in me.

In the short month that's followed, I've juggled around with some original ideas. I've futzed with I can't tell you how many audio programs, how many shitty royalty-free sites, how much time overall I've spent just trying to improve myself, and put out that next animation.

At this very moment, I've got two animations in the works. One is drawn very simply, and I've thrown almost half of it together in just a few short hours. It's running on an idea I got due to my recent, and very sudden, attack with appendicitis, and the surgery that resulted from it. It was nothing major, I'm doing fine [though, ask my bank account that same question and you won't get the same answer.. not having insurance and having surgery SUCKS] and everything is going well. It's just a quirky little thing that only has one line of dialogue, and I hope to have it out maybe tomorrow, maybe Wednesday. That video will mark my first original short on YouTube, my first ever short on Newgrounds [I hope], and my voice-acting debut.

The second is going to me a lot more intricately drawn, a lot more hyperactive, and will have a LOT more voice-acting by me. I'm hoping to have that one squeezed out before school starts early next month. ..holy shit, that's only two weeks away.

ANYHOO, I just hope people like it, and I hope I can make a name for myself for a little while. I'd love to make this my living, and.. who knows? Maybe I can meet the right people and get things going on a much larger scale.

Here's to the best, and to the future!