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LeTravino's News

Posted by LeTravino - December 20th, 2014

Check it out here!

Flavors is a really neat site that lets you build a really sleek and simple web page that links to whatever stuff you want it to. Like a directory of sorts, I guess! Domains are also available and are ridiculously cheap.

It's really neat, and I hope you guys will check it out and check out all the links and stuff!

There's even a link to this page.. I mean, like you'd need it, if you're reading this. But you get what I mean.

As always, take care of yourselves and each other!

Posted by LeTravino - December 11th, 2014


It's uh.. it's been a year. A lot of personal problems involving finances, school and work. I won't go too crazy into it, but it's all almost over! The light at the end of the tunnel is close, and I'll hopefully be able to focus again!

It's not that I haven't been working on artwork or cartoons or anything. I've actually been tweaking my styles a bit, and I've been posting a few things here and there, but, honestly, I've just neglected to post them here. They kind of get ignored anywhere I put them, but it's all good. I do it for me!

I'll be mass-posting some artwork today and tomorrow. I think I have like 10 or 15 pieces to toss up here. A few cute pieces, a few detailed ones, and some sketches I really love and consider complete enough to post. 

It's been a rough year in a lot of ways, but way I see it, it can only get better!


As for cartoons, I still have a bunch in the works. Since releasing my MEGAMAN cartoon [teehee], I've started work on three more. I like to have multiple projects going because I can come back to each one with a fresh eye time after time, rather than getting bored of the jokes and learnign to hate my work. The process is longer, sure, but if things go well this winter break, I should be able to release all three with little issue. All three are video game related, and I have ideas for a fourth and fifth as well, but I won't start those until I get these current three out. I won't let them past the basic writing and storyboarding phases.

The first one I'll likely release is a Smash Bros cartoon with penis jokes. The only thing I haven't figured out for it is a title.

The second one is a Zelda one, one that I've written, rewritten, scrapped, wrote a third time, storyboarded twice and redesigned the characters and styles a few times, then finally came up with a moody, tween-heavy look rather than the traditional frame-by-frame I'm used to doing. We'll see how it turns out! I'd give the title out, but, it actually kind of ruins the mystique as to what the video's about, and I'd rather it be a surprise for now.

The third is a Pokemon one that I started well over a year ago and thought I lost the files for, but happened upon them in a weird corner of my External HD. The title of it is 'If Pokemon Were Real'. Doesn't quite give away the joke I have going on but the plot's definitely in there.

As for the two ideas I have written down, one's a weird Captain Planet one I randomly thought of just hours before writing this post, that I thought would be funny. The second is a second Zelda cartoon that's more whimsical and fun, but I can't seem to think of a good ending for it. Also.. Not too sure if I want to do another Zelda cartoon, without it being some form of sequel to the first one I'm doing. Totally separate idea, characters, everything.

I might also try to go through the old files of my old scrapped works to see if I can't make something of those as well. I dunno. There's a lot there, like a few Game Grumps and Stream Train Animeted Toons, an Animal Crossing one, and the old Castlevania cartoon that I still have yet to figure out, but it's the one I want to do the most.

Maybe when the time is right. I do want to make it more action-packed, so it'll require a lot of technical skill and even more practice.


Other endeavors!

I've been obsessed witht his documentary that popped up on my Netflix feed, called 'I Know That Voice'. It's about voice actors,a nd how tey got their starts, who their inspirations are, and how things work in the business. And, well, I fucking loved it.

So, I'm gonna try to put together a voice reel, and see if I can't find some projects to voice here on Newgrounds!

I really want to get back to working hard on this stuff. Battling anxieties, depression, financial problems, all really hindered me, and I got lost in video games for a while, like I tend to do when I'm down. But I'm finding how much happier drawing and creating makes me. It's a process I go through from time to time, every few years. I wind up having to take a break and rekindling that love of creation. I have some plans to do just that too, with maybe selling my artwork at a local, monthly art expo called Art Walk. I'll showcase some cartoons and have prints for sale or something, as well.


This was a long one. I know I've made and broken a lot of promises as a creator, but I'm doing my best to get back on track. I've been down, I've been broke, and I've been lazy because of it. But, better times are coming!

I'm gonna go upload some artwork now.

Later days, my friends. Thanks for sticking around!

Take care of yourselves, and each other. You never know how life's gonna flip on you.




Posted by LeTravino - August 4th, 2014

Sup guys! Long time no see!

The past six months have been, honestly, pretty wild, and not necessarily in the good sense. I've been struggling a lot with financial and personal issues, so I've been working hard with school [I passed all of my classes with B's or higher!] and work. My fiancee, sadly, lost her job, so I've been working more to support us how we need to be, while she took courses over summer to try and gain her financial aid rights back [which succeeded!], so working on cartoons has been on the backburner. Sadly, such is life.

I've also had some very odd, and very sudden, anxiety issues arise. I never really dealt with it before, making it new and, obviously, slightly terrifying. It all started with a dream of being at my fiancee's funeral, and the whole fact of mortality in us all kind of slapped me in the face and emotionally, physically, and especially creatively, crippled me for a few weeks. I wasn't able to see a doctor or therapist at the time, so I pretty much have to will it away myself for now. I have my good and bad days, but mostly good lately!

Over the summer, during my free time, I started work on a Mega Man cartoon. In my last update [fucking SIX MONTHS AGO], I said I was working on an E. Honda cartoon, and, I still am, I just, frankly, haven't touched it in a while. When I get inspiration for something new, I have to work on it immediately. It's kind of a curse.

The good news, though, is that I finished the Mega Man cartoon, and it's live on YouTube as of yesterday! I'm gonna tweak it and make it more appropriate for Newgrounds, content-wise [like removing the YouTube-esque final screens where I plotted out my annotations and whatnot], so that'll be a thing I'll upload int he next few days. Wanna know what the cartoon's about in the meantime? Well, I provide you with this cryptic video.. hehehehe

I'm still kinda woring on the E. Honda cartoon! I'm also writing a cartoon with my pal Ryan from Australia, and he's gonna be providing voices for it, and I'm planning on my fiancee to provide some voice work as well. I also have a few non-video-game related toons in mind, and even one that's more of an artsy deal regarding my axiety issues. I'm always working, just.. never.. really.. releasing..

So, wanna see my Mega Man cartoon right away? Well here you go, you sexy beast. It'll be the same cartoon I upload here, just tweaked a bit. I even did the music myself! Give me a second of your time and subscribe to me, while you're at it. It'd mean the world to me!

Also. Newgrounds. I like the new post look. Very sleek.



Posted by LeTravino - January 27th, 2014

Hello, Newgrounds! It's been a while!


Well, TOO BAD.

While my creative slump has all but passed, this post doesn't see a new cartoon release date or information yet. But, I do have some personal news I'd like to share.

First things first, I got engaged! I asked my lovely girlfriend of 7 years to marry me at Disneyland a couple days before Christmas. It's something I've been planning for a while - until I found her ring and she suggested going to Disneyland out of the blue within the span of a week. It all worked out great, and, on top of everything else, I'm planning a wedding with her now! I'm beyond stoked - I couldn't have found a better partner.

Second, I finally finished working on my personal website. Well.. technically, it's a Wordpress account, but it looks more professional than anything I've done so far. I'm gonna be posting art there as well, to sort of use as a portfolio for my digital work. I'm still experimenting with a few things [like trying to put video thumbnails on the sidebar rather than archive links], but if you'd like, feel free to check it out HERE!

Third, I've been experimenting with Vine. I recently stumbled upon a little community called WeDraw. The premise is, every Sunday, they put up a theme in the form of a hashtag, and if you draw or animate something related to the theme, and tag both WeDraw's channel and the hashtag for the theme and they enjoy it, they revine it. I submitted my first drawing [which I'll post here just after I finish typing this], under the theme 'Monsters With Phobias', and they revined it, which caused my phone to damn near explode from the number of notifications I was getting. It's decent exposure, really.

Fourth, I've been working in my sketchbook more lately, just trying to sharpen my skills. Partially because it's easier to take a sketchpad on a bus to work, but mostly because I went a long period without my laptop. I had to send it in to get some repairs done before my warranty expired, and it was on the verge of dying. But, now, it's back! 

Fifth, and the news that you'd actually care about. Of course, I have projects in the works, and of course, I'm not saying what, nor when, because.. hey. This is a labor of love. I can only do it during free time, and I still have to go to school and work to pay the bills. I'm working on an unofficial video for a Starbomb song, and a few other little toons I'm toying around with. I've finally realized that a monthly, even bi-monthly, release schedule is nigh impossible for me to abide by, so I'm knocking it off, and WOW IT FEELS GOOD. I'll worry about deadlines when my bills are paid and can be paid by my making cartoons and artwork.

So, there's that! I'm gonna post a few drawings here, then pretty much disappear into the abyss for a while again. As always, take care of yourselves, and I'll see you all soon!

**EDIT** ...OKAY, FINE, I am working on a short. Just a short short, not a big short. Screencap below - BET YA CAN'T GUESS WHO IT'S ABOUT3404533_139093776032_EHondacap.png


Posted by LeTravino - November 12th, 2013

Erm.. it's been a good long while since I last made a post on Newgrounds, or submitted anything, or.. really done anything.

My main focus has been on school [and er.. Pokemon Y], so my work has pretty much come to a halt. I'm still very much writing and doodling, but as the school semester picked up, those drawings and doodles haven't gone much farther than half-asleep scribbles in my school notebooks. However, I have been talking to a few friends of mine about some collaboration work, mostly with them helping me with voiceovers and a little music, and it led to an idea that I've been semi-secretly working on the past two months, hunting for and building websites, a new YouTube channel and various other variables, and, while it's not fully functional yet, I just wanna announce it

GoshDang! Productions - it's an idea I had where I would feel I had more free reign to collaborate with friends fully without it being just under my name, with room for growing into something better. So, look out for more diverse content next year! And.. hopefully more often too. But, at the end of the day, the best animators I know and look up to don't release on a schedule, and spend time on their work rather than hastening for something that leaves anything to be desired.

Once I'm able to acquire a proper domain name, I'll post all about it. I'm still going to post cartoons here, but other stuff I probably won't, as that sort of content that I'm planning doesn't really fit here.

I've made a lot of promises on some cartoons, such as an Animal Crossing and a Castlevania one, but those have been on the backburner for ages now - I just can't seem to find the missing piece to the puzzle I need. Castlevania's lines just don't come out right, and I don't feel like the joke in Animal Crossing is strong enough. I'm still hoping to release parodies of both, but in the near future? Chances are slim.. for now. I won't discard these projects, I love them too much.

Anyways, you probably on't hear much more from me until 2014, so, until then, like always..

Take care of yourselves!

*tongue kisses*

Posted by LeTravino - September 3rd, 2013

This might get a teeny bit lengthy.

So, when it comes to projects and junk, I've severely whittled down the projects I'm working on to about three. Two main projects and one that I just got an idea for by shootin' the shit with a friend at school that should actually be out pretty soon. I just need music figured out. I found a site with a perfect little soundtrack but, of course, the download ink for it doesn't work. Siiiigh

My Animal Crossing project is making some serious headway, but still has a ways to go before being done. Castlevania's still in recording stages because I suck at voice acting. So there's the updates on those. OH, speaking of which, I also discovered that my iPhone is 1000x better than using my laptop's mic. It'll do while my broke ass tries saving up for an actual microphone

Animation's gone incredibly slow because of work and school, but I'm really trying to get some neat stuff out. It's tough when you're juggling working 30 or so hours a week and have school two days for 13 hours on those days, a third day for two hours with work following after, as well as online courses to tackle. It's only two weeks in and I already feel drained and soulless and I just feel like giving up on it. I just feel like college isn't right for me - and I also feel homicidal after dealing with Algebra.

I dunno, I just feel like my best opportunities are slipping away because I'm sitting in a classroom. It's great to have backup plans, yeah, but.. I fee like I need to take a risk. I just wish I had some support in that sense.

Life's just wild is all, and not the exciting kind. More like the 'in a rut and in desperate need of fresh air' kind.

Well, if I can get the music settled, I might have a short cartoon out in a week. The animation''s pretty much done, as are the backgrounds, but music is ALWAYS a bitch. I need to grow a pair and ask for help with it. I might do that tomorrow. But for right now, it's 4:30 am and I need some shut eye.

But knowing me I'll stay up and play the Adventure Time game I just got recently at a really great discount thanks to a friend. It's cheesy but pretty fun.

Sleep is for the weak slash for those who have time for it.

Here's a little screen cap from Flash. It's not MLP related, I swear, it's just a dang unicorn

Narrowing things down / School sucks / Figuring myself out

Posted by LeTravino - July 21st, 2013

Sometimes, I wonder - is my tendency to have five different projects going on at once a good thing or a bad thing? Sometimes, it makes me feel overwhelmed, like I'm never going to finish any of them. Then I feel badly about that, because I really want to release more content in a timely matter.

However, if I don't work on multiple projects, I tend to get bored of drawing the same characters all the time, and I feel like my work gets a little lazier, while working on multiple projects at once refreshes my motivation for each one as I swtich between them.

I really would like to get some sound advice regarding this. What do you guys do? Do you just gun for the one project and tough through it, or do you jam on multiple things at once? Or does it depend on the amount of time you have? For me, I only have two days off from work a week, and maybe about 3 hours a day max where I can work solely on my cartoons.

This'll be going in the forums, to, of course, but hey, I thought I'd ask you guys first.

Here's what I have in the works at the moment! No release date on any of them, yet.
- Simon Gets Greedy [WT: Castlevania Parody] - Rough animation/Recording in progress
- The Woes of Re-Tail [WT: Animal Crossing Parody] - Scripting, writing and storyboarding in progress
- Wanna See My... [WT: Original dark comedy] - Scripting/recording in progress
- Boo [Looping Animation] - Rough sketches but nothing major yet

Posted by LeTravino - June 26th, 2013

So, with Animal Crossing: New Leaf's recent release, and, of course, my buying it, it's given me inspiration for another cartoon.

Despite having about 10 cartoons that I've all but scrapped [I still can't seem to be happy with my Castlevania short, and I had a good, long poop joke set in motion but, again, I can't seem to make it work], I'm starting yet another.

To keep it simple because I'm still working the exact plot, it's basically going to revolve around Reese and Cyrus [the owners of the store, Re-Tail], the villager, and one other character I won't mention, but you all could probably guess - and involves the hardships of running a store.

This is also one of those videos where I'm strongly considering doing multiple endings. So, we'll see how well I can get that to work! Storyboarding will start tomorrow and.. well, yeah, we'll go from there.

I also had a quick chat with a quality gentleman, SpeedoSausage, and he taught me a few tricks - how to blur and glow, along with other effects. So I'll be incorporating that. I'm also planning on doing all of my backgrounds in an outside program, like SAI or Photoshop.

I'm expecting it to be fairly short, but I'm also expecting it to take a long time, so don't expect too much from me in the coming weeks!

Posted by LeTravino - June 15th, 2013


I half expect it to get blammed for people taking it too seriously, but.. hey. That's life! So, hopefully this sticks around for a while! I mean, if not, there's always YouTube.


XBone Commercial [Microsoft Parody] on NG and YT now!!

Posted by LeTravino - June 14th, 2013

Yep, that's right! My newest cartoon is coming out tomorrow, and it's bound to cause a little spark of controversy amongst the gaming fans around the world.

It's pretty much a bashing of the Xbox One and a lot of the blatantly stupid decisions Microsoft has made regarding its new console. While news did pour out so fast I couldn't include everything I wanted, well.. it covers a lot.

It's short and sweet, only about a minute long, and it's just an intense commercial trying to make the bad sound good.

Expect it both on Newgrounds and YouTube simultaneously!