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2014 - GoshDang! Productions, WIPs and other neat stuff!

Posted by LeTravino - November 12th, 2013

Erm.. it's been a good long while since I last made a post on Newgrounds, or submitted anything, or.. really done anything.

My main focus has been on school [and er.. Pokemon Y], so my work has pretty much come to a halt. I'm still very much writing and doodling, but as the school semester picked up, those drawings and doodles haven't gone much farther than half-asleep scribbles in my school notebooks. However, I have been talking to a few friends of mine about some collaboration work, mostly with them helping me with voiceovers and a little music, and it led to an idea that I've been semi-secretly working on the past two months, hunting for and building websites, a new YouTube channel and various other variables, and, while it's not fully functional yet, I just wanna announce it

GoshDang! Productions - it's an idea I had where I would feel I had more free reign to collaborate with friends fully without it being just under my name, with room for growing into something better. So, look out for more diverse content next year! And.. hopefully more often too. But, at the end of the day, the best animators I know and look up to don't release on a schedule, and spend time on their work rather than hastening for something that leaves anything to be desired.

Once I'm able to acquire a proper domain name, I'll post all about it. I'm still going to post cartoons here, but other stuff I probably won't, as that sort of content that I'm planning doesn't really fit here.

I've made a lot of promises on some cartoons, such as an Animal Crossing and a Castlevania one, but those have been on the backburner for ages now - I just can't seem to find the missing piece to the puzzle I need. Castlevania's lines just don't come out right, and I don't feel like the joke in Animal Crossing is strong enough. I'm still hoping to release parodies of both, but in the near future? Chances are slim.. for now. I won't discard these projects, I love them too much.

Anyways, you probably on't hear much more from me until 2014, so, until then, like always..

Take care of yourselves!

*tongue kisses*

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I'm sure the right lines will come to you, when you you least expect it... then you can move on with certainty. Hope you've been busy and happy, and maybe even more of the same in 2014!