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I loved it! I also enjoyed how each sketch got better and better in regards to the animation. You could see how you improved over time. The jokes were awesome, too.

Also I loved the use of Ephixa at the end there.

This series is just wonderful. I love the goofy, self-made sound effects.

That Wario one was fucking horrifying, Jesus Christ

Best collab, though. Let me in on the next one if you make it

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First off, I always give bonus points to games with medals. I like to encourage that.

Second, it's not a terribly designed game, but it's not really good either. I love the music, but the controls feel a little sloppy. I also didn't even realize you had such limited ammo until about my 3rd game over, and I was really confused about what could have hit me. It's a struggle getting those points, but it definitely adds replay value. It's a quirky little bit, and I like it.

Rixium responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I felt like too much ammo would have taken the challenge away, didn't want the heart showing up more than once.

One thing I will incessantly bitch about with a platformer is whether or not you can control the jump - you know, hold down the jump button to jump higher. This game not only lacks that, but features such a wily, ridiculous leap that just makes it unplayable. The graphics are decent, the main character is okay, but the walking minotaurs are just plain badass. They look great, but, that's about the only thing that does. I also found it weird how the platforms often intertwine with and overlap each other, with a random block shot around here or there. That's really just bad level design. It should take advantage of the character's outrageous jumping abilities.

I generally don't like to give blatantly bad reviews, but.. I don't have much else to say. It would certainly be playable with the proper tweaking, but.. as for now, I just can't.

It's not really a new concept or anything, but collectahthon-type games are fun for me. It obviously lacks music of any kind, which is a huge turn-off for me. There's no ambience or sense of environment. Though, maybe, with you being death, collecting your souls, that was the intention.. which actually makes me somewhat like the silence. It's eerie. But I'd still rather have something to pleasure my earholes

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I'm literally very excited to see this

Also, how on earth do you get those blurry lines on Flash? I've been trying to figure that out for ages now [I'm talking like the dark circles around L's eyes]

veselekov responds:

Okay so in your eye graphic or movie clip or whatever. Duplicate the eye shade and colour it all black. Then convert it to a movie clip and apply blur. Then convert it to a movie clip again. and then fianlly convert it to a bitmap.

Got that? haha

'Tis.. beautiful. I hope you got a nice, fat commission from this one, it's worth it.

Jesus, I got tricked so bad, but it made me laugh my ass off!

Also, it offended my girlfriend, so, double stars for you, if I could. I bet if the Team Meat dudes saw this they'd lose their shit.

In all seriousness, I'm gonna steal someone else's words and say God's in the details. This must have taken DAYS. I take the same amount of time on my work and it doesn't come out this polished.


deathink responds:

This is actually one of my favorite pieces I have uploaded here.

Drawing and gaming are things I do a lot

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