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Narrowing things down / School sucks / Figuring myself out

Posted by LeTravino - September 3rd, 2013

This might get a teeny bit lengthy.

So, when it comes to projects and junk, I've severely whittled down the projects I'm working on to about three. Two main projects and one that I just got an idea for by shootin' the shit with a friend at school that should actually be out pretty soon. I just need music figured out. I found a site with a perfect little soundtrack but, of course, the download ink for it doesn't work. Siiiigh

My Animal Crossing project is making some serious headway, but still has a ways to go before being done. Castlevania's still in recording stages because I suck at voice acting. So there's the updates on those. OH, speaking of which, I also discovered that my iPhone is 1000x better than using my laptop's mic. It'll do while my broke ass tries saving up for an actual microphone

Animation's gone incredibly slow because of work and school, but I'm really trying to get some neat stuff out. It's tough when you're juggling working 30 or so hours a week and have school two days for 13 hours on those days, a third day for two hours with work following after, as well as online courses to tackle. It's only two weeks in and I already feel drained and soulless and I just feel like giving up on it. I just feel like college isn't right for me - and I also feel homicidal after dealing with Algebra.

I dunno, I just feel like my best opportunities are slipping away because I'm sitting in a classroom. It's great to have backup plans, yeah, but.. I fee like I need to take a risk. I just wish I had some support in that sense.

Life's just wild is all, and not the exciting kind. More like the 'in a rut and in desperate need of fresh air' kind.

Well, if I can get the music settled, I might have a short cartoon out in a week. The animation''s pretty much done, as are the backgrounds, but music is ALWAYS a bitch. I need to grow a pair and ask for help with it. I might do that tomorrow. But for right now, it's 4:30 am and I need some shut eye.

But knowing me I'll stay up and play the Adventure Time game I just got recently at a really great discount thanks to a friend. It's cheesy but pretty fun.

Sleep is for the weak slash for those who have time for it.

Here's a little screen cap from Flash. It's not MLP related, I swear, it's just a dang unicorn

Narrowing things down / School sucks / Figuring myself out

Comments (2)

Good luck in all your endeavors, buddy.

Thanks, man, I really appreciate that. Luck is something I could get down with right now tbh

Make school a priority, the entertainment business ain't all it's cracked up to be.