New Leaf? New cartoon!

2013-06-26 07:16:45 by LeTravino

So, with Animal Crossing: New Leaf's recent release, and, of course, my buying it, it's given me inspiration for another cartoon.

Despite having about 10 cartoons that I've all but scrapped [I still can't seem to be happy with my Castlevania short, and I had a good, long poop joke set in motion but, again, I can't seem to make it work], I'm starting yet another.

To keep it simple because I'm still working the exact plot, it's basically going to revolve around Reese and Cyrus [the owners of the store, Re-Tail], the villager, and one other character I won't mention, but you all could probably guess - and involves the hardships of running a store.

This is also one of those videos where I'm strongly considering doing multiple endings. So, we'll see how well I can get that to work! Storyboarding will start tomorrow and.. well, yeah, we'll go from there.

I also had a quick chat with a quality gentleman, SpeedoSausage, and he taught me a few tricks - how to blur and glow, along with other effects. So I'll be incorporating that. I'm also planning on doing all of my backgrounds in an outside program, like SAI or Photoshop.

I'm expecting it to be fairly short, but I'm also expecting it to take a long time, so don't expect too much from me in the coming weeks!


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2013-06-27 20:57:53

Will you be playing the new AC with your GF online?

LeTravino responds:

My girlfriend isn't exactly a gamer [except for The Sims, she's crazy about that game], so not really, but I do play online almost daily at least for a little bit, yeah :]