Xbox One Commercial - Coming 6/14!

2013-06-14 04:41:45 by LeTravino

Yep, that's right! My newest cartoon is coming out tomorrow, and it's bound to cause a little spark of controversy amongst the gaming fans around the world.

It's pretty much a bashing of the Xbox One and a lot of the blatantly stupid decisions Microsoft has made regarding its new console. While news did pour out so fast I couldn't include everything I wanted, well.. it covers a lot.

It's short and sweet, only about a minute long, and it's just an intense commercial trying to make the bad sound good.

Expect it both on Newgrounds and YouTube simultaneously!


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2013-06-15 01:12:34

Oh my, publishing in the middle of a Friday Flood? Good luck, but with your rep growing, I'm sure you'll get a great score and out of Judgement very soon!

(Updated ) LeTravino responds:

I certainly hope so! I can definitely see it getting blammed by the Xbox fanboys/girls out there, but, hey. Microsoft done fucked up and I made a cartoon about it expressing my opinion. A dangerous thing on the interwebs but it's nothing I can't handle. :) I hope all goes well!