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Mega Man cartoon, out on YouTube! And other stuff.. thiiings.

Posted by LeTravino - August 4th, 2014

Sup guys! Long time no see!

The past six months have been, honestly, pretty wild, and not necessarily in the good sense. I've been struggling a lot with financial and personal issues, so I've been working hard with school [I passed all of my classes with B's or higher!] and work. My fiancee, sadly, lost her job, so I've been working more to support us how we need to be, while she took courses over summer to try and gain her financial aid rights back [which succeeded!], so working on cartoons has been on the backburner. Sadly, such is life.

I've also had some very odd, and very sudden, anxiety issues arise. I never really dealt with it before, making it new and, obviously, slightly terrifying. It all started with a dream of being at my fiancee's funeral, and the whole fact of mortality in us all kind of slapped me in the face and emotionally, physically, and especially creatively, crippled me for a few weeks. I wasn't able to see a doctor or therapist at the time, so I pretty much have to will it away myself for now. I have my good and bad days, but mostly good lately!

Over the summer, during my free time, I started work on a Mega Man cartoon. In my last update [fucking SIX MONTHS AGO], I said I was working on an E. Honda cartoon, and, I still am, I just, frankly, haven't touched it in a while. When I get inspiration for something new, I have to work on it immediately. It's kind of a curse.

The good news, though, is that I finished the Mega Man cartoon, and it's live on YouTube as of yesterday! I'm gonna tweak it and make it more appropriate for Newgrounds, content-wise [like removing the YouTube-esque final screens where I plotted out my annotations and whatnot], so that'll be a thing I'll upload int he next few days. Wanna know what the cartoon's about in the meantime? Well, I provide you with this cryptic video.. hehehehe

I'm still kinda woring on the E. Honda cartoon! I'm also writing a cartoon with my pal Ryan from Australia, and he's gonna be providing voices for it, and I'm planning on my fiancee to provide some voice work as well. I also have a few non-video-game related toons in mind, and even one that's more of an artsy deal regarding my axiety issues. I'm always working, just.. never.. really.. releasing..

So, wanna see my Mega Man cartoon right away? Well here you go, you sexy beast. It'll be the same cartoon I upload here, just tweaked a bit. I even did the music myself! Give me a second of your time and subscribe to me, while you're at it. It'd mean the world to me!

Also. Newgrounds. I like the new post look. Very sleek.