Update! Title Announcement!

2013-02-22 05:56:53 by LeTravino


So, first things first, I wanted to brag a bit bout the progress I've made since my last update.. what, 3 days ago? Maybe 4? I dunno. Point is, I freaking finished the basic animation. You know, the lineart for the characters and whatnot.

I also finished the coloring! Shading and line cleanup are going on now, in tandem. Then I gotta slap the backgrounds in, and hopefully exporting it works fine.

Speaking of which, I need to PM Mike back - the Swivel creator. I had a major issue exporting using Swivel with 'Pendicitis, and I wanted to see if the issue got dealt with and whatnot. Otherwise, I hope I can get it exported just fine.

Anyhoo, I also wanted to announce the title!

It's gonna be the first in a series I plan on doing. Not all at once, but I'll gradually come out with more. The series is called 'Food Worker Woes', and will regard me pretty much complaining about things involved with working with food. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but we all have those little things that tick you off. So, I like to make light of it and hopefully make others laugh, you know?

Anyways, This first installment is gonna be called 'Ketchup Pump'. Guess what it's gonna be about.

I'm really proud of it, and I can't wait until I finish polishing it off and finally show it to you all! My aim is to have it out on the 28th.

canzihep <-- A message from my girlfriend. She's silly.

And no screenshot this time. I don't wanna give anything else away!


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