Standalone Art and Scriptwriting

2013-03-09 17:53:15 by LeTravino

Hey there! I'm here with my usual update!

Sadly, on the animation side of things, I haven't gotten much done. It's been an unusually busy week for me with work, so, time's been scarce. I've been slowly writing my script, but I'm still a little ways away. I'm gonna make it a goal to record on Monday morning, before school, so I can get the basic storyboarding done on Flash, and finally get this bad boy rolling like I want to.

Also, because I've kind of had a bout with writer's block, I've been working on some standalone pieces. I recently posted my sketch of Rebecca Crow [aka Katherine Suicide - one of my favorite Suicide Girls] and it's gotten a few good reviews, which is always nice. I'm hoping to post another one, this time a fully-rendered, digitally done drawing of Countessa Suicide. I'm really proud of how her face and hair turned out, and I'm working on her body. Hopefully, work schedule pending, I can finish it up maybe tonight or tomorrow. I like to have a good variety going - I don't want to be strictly animation or strictly artwork.

Hardly an interesting update, I know, but I made a promise to not quit this gig, and make sure you guys are updated. There are only 18 of you right now, but, shit. You're all important to me.

So, go check out my art portal! So far, all of it's E-Rated, if that concerns you at all [yet my next one will be M-rated.. risque!], and give it a good, honest vote!

See you guys soon, hopefully with some new screenshots and clips!


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2013-03-09 22:17:16

Take the time you need, so long as you're happy with the outcome! Don't forget to enjoy like too.
If gets done before school's out, it's a reasonable wait for fans.

LeTravino responds:

Oh, of course! I'd like to get them done in a timely manner, but when you write, animate, voice, and do the music all by yourself, it's quite the process. I'd love to do some collaborative work soon, though. My girlfriend does help with the editing process and gives me ideas [she just got a Newgrounds account, so I'll be able to credit her], but yeah.. otherwise, I just haven't collaborated yet.

And I certainly will! Truth be told, I really only have one friend who I never get to see, and a few I've met online [including here], but my girlfriend and I do things all the time to get out of the house, away from the workplace. Life's pretty great. Other than the whole not-having-many-friends thing, I wouldn't change a thing :)