2013-02-17 05:51:44 by LeTravino

I kind of want to make it at the VERY LEAST a weekly thing where I update my news feed, just to show I'm still around, and still doing my thing. My animation's come a little slowly, with Valentine's Day, work, school, and whatnot, but I can safely say I'm 1/3 done. I have a lot of short shifts this week, an two extra days off, so I'll have an unusual amount of time to take advantage of, so hopefully I can get a good amount of progress done.

A part of me really does wish I went with a slightly simpler character design, especially since another character does have that simpler design and I wind up finishing his shots a hell of a lot faster. I also watched some of my favorite animators for a little inspiration and noticed that they tended to have fairly simple designs. I'm capable of heavy detail, but if I want to put out stuff regularly, I gotta master the simple stuff first. Like with any medium, that's how you have to start. I might be a decent artist on paper, and an okay one with photoshop, but Flash is another ballgame entirely, and you just have to learn the ropes. I'm really taking this as a learning experience, you know?

I've learned a lot about myself, about the jokes I wanna make, about my blatant lack of work ethic and ways to improve it (I literally have not played a video game in over a week, and I genuinely feel like shit when I can't get some form of my creative process going on any given day)

I dunno, just a lot.

My girlfriend, though. She hit it home. I've been doing this almost non-stop for a couple months now, and I've been having the time of my life. She asked me if I get bored of it, and I just said '.. no. I don't.'

And I realized that, if it's at all possible, I really want this. I want to do this for a good, long time.

With that, I'm out. Off to draw a little more, then off to bed for a short shift tomorrow, then to draw some more, and hopefully get this damn thing out. I'm getting eager to start my next project, already! It's a fine line you have to walk. I want to be excited to keep my momentum going, but I can't get so over-excited that I rush this one into poor quality.

I also want to make it a point where I upload a screenshot, so, let's see here...



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2013-02-17 11:47:42

dang... dat looks rele good... can u feature my OC in there...?

LeTravino responds:

I.. uh.. That's an interesting request.

I would like to say yes, but I'm way too far along to bring in another character. I'm sorry :c


2013-02-20 20:01:17

Looks great!

LeTravino responds:

Thanks! I hope it's satisfactory :)

It's only my third animation ever, so, I feel like I'm doing pretty well.


2013-02-21 05:59:32

NG scores mean nothing. keep on doing what you love

LeTravino responds:

I truly, honestly appreciate that :) Thank you, very much. I'm doing what I love to do, ridiculous as it may be sometimes, but man, if I could make a good living from this, it'd be the ultimate dream.

Nothing's gonna stop me, though. I just feel great doing it, you know?