2013-02-28 22:40:31 by LeTravino

Not only did Ketchup Pump make the cut, but it landed on the Front Page. I couldn't be more excited, and I've literally been dancing and yelling around my room for the past few minutes and now I'm frantically typing this post so I can say it all here

THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING. The good votes, the bad votes, the good reviews, the bad reviews. You guys are watching my stuff and I really couldn't be happier. And to have this done only three animations in [I don't really count my Game Grumps Animated on YouTube because it's naturally something that would get a lot of views] - I really didn't expect it.

I'm stoked beyond words, and goddamn it, I'm gonna celebrate it.



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2013-02-28 22:52:54

Congrats you lucky bastard!!! lol, Invite me you rubber dingus. XOXOXOXOXOX Sexy fuck

LeTravino responds:

Thanks a bunch, man! That hard work wasn't for nothing. AND WHAT AM I INVITING YOU TO I'M CONFUSED IDK HOW TO NEWGROUNDS XOXOXOXOXO ooh yeah like dat mm


2013-03-01 21:54:33

CunGrabUlatinos! U gots on da fourst page! I wish i was talented ;P


2013-03-02 00:20:45

It's a good slice of life, work/social ethic piece. Everyone can relate to being around feral humans :|

LeTravino responds:

I love those slice-of-life kind of jokes. Which is why I loved RedMinus' 'When Peeing' video. There's no better slice-of-life joke than that one.

Feral humans, though. If we didn't have 'em, what would we make fun of?


2013-03-02 00:47:24

\/ Politicians and celebrities.
And people who like to talk in the movie theater during the quiet dialog, just before your ears get exploded in some, 'out of left field' action sequence.

LeTravino responds:

I'm like 99.9% sure most politicians and celebrities fall under the 'feral human' category, anyways. There are a few good ones in each realm, but.. meh.

Yeah, like your ears explode and blood pours all over the floor, then your pure hatred for those people congeal the blood into some slimy beast that devours the offender in a single gulp, leaving nothing but skeletal remains!

-Coming soon, you get writer credits. Haha!


2013-03-02 23:49:02

Congratz man!