A New Project Begins!

2013-03-04 01:10:46 by LeTravino

Well, it seems like Ketchup Pump has run its course, and it accumulated damn near 20,000 views, which was astounding to me. I've read most of, if not all, of the reviews and I've taken a lot of it to heart, the majority of it being the good type of constructive criticism that's gonna help me improve.

I've been working hard on the script for my next project, altering it to be more in my liking. I've also redrawn the characters multiple times, until I came up with something I don't feel I've ever seen or drawn before, and I've mastered the main character from all angles. I'll have some concept art up maybe tomorrow!

I'm excited to see where this new journey takes me. I've already made a few new pals, and maybe made a collaborative connection or two. Maybe we'll start seeing some of that in the hopefully-not-too-distant-future. School's starting to get a little more hectic, and I'm going to have to prioritize my time and study, so this project is going to inch long slowly. Combine that with doing a fluid-style animation, with a bit of action, and an overall longer video, I'm not gonna promise a release date within this month, at all. Probably not even next month. It really depends.

But, like I have been doing, I'll make it a point to make a solid update here every so often, once a week at the very least, and if I feel it's appropriate, I'll upload some concept art and screenshots.

I don't want to reveal what it's gonna be about just yet, though. I will say though, that it is a video game parody, of a series I frankly don't see done much. It's a series I've loved all my life, so this should be pretty fun!


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2013-03-04 17:11:42

20K views? Hope you've got ad-rev up and running!
Sounds like you're onto something good, script-wise, and I wish you luck in school and no crashes in Flash!

LeTravino responds:

Sadly.. I haven't gotten it up yet. D:

I have been meaning to PM Tom about it, I had a few questions regarding the terms and conditions and whether or not I could still upload my stuff to YouTube, since I'm also seeking a membership there, and just overall trying to see what would be good for me.

Are you using the ad-rev? If so, please, PM me about it! I'd like to hear how people like it and how it works through experience :)


2013-03-05 16:07:34

Congrats on the success. Hit me up if you need a new voice actor for anything.

LeTravino responds:

I'll keep that in mind! I'll add you, and if anything come sup, I'll see what you've got!


2013-03-06 04:41:08

Good luck with the monthly vote! Just submitted my 10 selections, and it was so very difficult to choose who even got in, let alone their position. I put Alfred's Big Surprise and Zone-Sama's 'toon at the top of the list, 'cause I'm a dirty old man :)

(Updated ) LeTravino responds:

Oh man, Zone's cartoon was the greatest. I'm not usually into that sort of thing, but it was really good. I kinda wish I'd heard of and watched the show it parodied at first, because now I won't be able to unsee the tentacles...