I got drunk and make a really short short so idk vote for it??

2013-05-27 04:29:50 by LeTravino

Yup, while I'm in the middle fo about 4 different toons, I decided to get wasted and make a new cartoon while I was wasted, and this is the result.

I was making weird noises and my cat was just.. starting at me. So, I animated it, and there you have wibbitywopwipwhatthefuckever

So.. vote for it, I guess? If not, well, it's on YouTube so hey. There's that.

Vote for it and stuff?


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2013-05-27 05:28:40

You followed your muse, cool! It's your hangover, buddy, do whatcha want :) Happy, But Solemn Memorial Day.

LeTravino responds:

Nah, I know how to take care of myself when drinking, so I never get hangovers. A lot of bread-type foods, a lot of water, and no dangerous activities unless money is a given, haha!

But yeah, I dunno, I just felt like it, I guess. The idea wasn't there when I started drinking, but my girlfriend was like 'OH MY GOD, ANIMATE WHAT YOU'RE DOING' and, so, I did. Focusing is hard when you're slammed, haha!


2013-05-27 08:23:29

I lost it at the cat.

LeTravino responds:

I know, that was pretty much his face IRL. I thought it was funny while I was drunk, and.. shit, I think it's funny now.


2013-05-27 09:38:01

I voted 0

LeTravino responds:

I love you too <3


2013-05-28 10:16:20

I'm glad it was blammed. Normally that's the kinda shit that gets passed off as acceptable for the portal, because voters are too afraid of making the creator cry. I liked your drawing style though. I'll check right now to see if you have something better.

LeTravino responds:

Eh, I expected it to get blammed. I love it, but it was really shit, haha! I just wanted to show it off while I could. I literally drew it up in 30 minutes while I was hammered, so, I'd be a fucking moron to expect it to stay up, hahaha