Heartbreak and a Short Break

2013-04-12 08:12:40 by LeTravino

So, although my Game Grumps Animated didn't really take off here, it's gotten over 1,000 views on YouTube since I released it, which is pretty dang neat, dude.

A lot of my friends saw it and really complimented it, and a lot of my family members did the same, all saying it was my best work yet. I watched my first animation, also a GGA, and the difference is incredible, especially seeing that the first one took two days longer, without any time constraints.

Naturally, I decided to get to work on my next short, In the Life of Belmont, immediately. I went to mix the audio and.. bam.

Half of it managed to get corrupted. I'm not sure how, but, it did, so I have massive chunks of silence where audio should be, and separate clips were simply nowhere to be found. It's a bit disheartening, but, you know.. these things happen. I've pulled through worse [spilling coffee on a pen and ink drawing that took 8 hours, for example - I'll never drink near my work again], and hopefully it'll come out even better than it did before. I am working on trying to recover it, but, I doubt it'll work, sadly.

Alas, this weekend should be celebrated. I'm celebrating my seventh anniversary with my lovely girlfriend, away for a few nights in a hotel in Newport beach, which will be fantastic. I've been busting my ass doing all of these things lately, so a couple days of nothing but relaxing and not worrying about work, homework, tests, recording, and animation, it'll be pretty nice.

Once I get back, I should be refreshed and ready to continue tackling my world.

Take care of yourselves, guys!


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2013-04-12 09:02:06

The quality of your last animation isn't in dispute... Egoraptor used to be a great animator here, and now that he's split, there's been a glut of his audio in Flash here. Now that I think about it, if you animated Captain and Steve running over Arin and his buddy with the NG tank, your score would be a star higher and get more than twice the views.

Really sorry to hear about the corrupt file - there's no shame in hoarding backups, considering the awful evolution of Flash software. I hope you have a wonderful, restorative weekend!


2013-04-12 10:53:17

I tried recovering files from a failed hard drive a few years back and most of the files could only be partially recovered. With video formats that's OK but with text it's just a garbled mess of characters. Don't think I've heard a corrupt audio file though. Good luck with that; take care!


2013-04-12 14:17:15

Did you delete the resources while you sleepwalking?