GGA - Businessman Death

2013-04-04 06:51:19 by LeTravino

Most of the work on my next release is done! I have a few backgrounds to add in, and some specific things to add to the YouTube version as well as the Newgrounds version.

I've been hard at work at both this next release, Game Grumps Animated - Businessman Death, as well as my next original piece, Inside the Life of a Belmont, and doing this animated Grumpisode has actually taught me a few neat tricks that I can further practice in ItLB, and hopefully I can make it even better. There's still quite a long time before I can even think about a release date for ItLB, and for good reason.

I'm actually miserably failing my History class, and, frankly, I need to kinda knuckle down more. Not that I'm not studying, but, I need to do so more strictly. To be quite honest, I've been looking into alternate schooling and I hope to speak with a counselor soon about it, because I sincerely want to make animation my life's work in some way, shape, or form. I'm honestly just a terrible student, anyways. Always have been.

Anyways, aside from that, I've also been jotting ideas down as I get them, whenever I can. The more ideas I have going around, the better, so I can keep myself trucking on consistently! I've also been working on a few new drawings I'm gonna finish up upon GGA: BD's release, including an interesting amalgamation I drew up in 5 minutes, but plan to shop to perfection, and another drawing.. I might have mentioned it before, but, I dunno. It's a movie poster for a pal of mine in the UK, who's working on a student film project. I've done the sketchwork on it, but I haven't given it the attention it deserves yet.

In worse news, I've also been kind of ill lately, slowing me down quite a bit. Nothing major, probably just a short bout of a cold or flu or something, nothing I can't handle, nothing worth really complaining about.

Take care of yourselves as always.. I know I am. Where's my hot tea at..?

GGA - Businessman Death


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2013-04-04 13:56:41

Funny, I never had a problem with History, once I wrote down their version of it :\
I do wish you the best, sounds like a fine line you have to walk.

LeTravino responds:

It's not that I have a problem with History in itself, I just have a small issue with the teacher. He's the lecturing type - he talks and talks all class session. He's obviously very learned and knows his stuff well enough to lecture freely without a textbook. Problem is, I have a very short attention span, so I have to resort to recording him [which he openly allows]. Also, his tests are INSANELY difficult. A lot of critical thinking involved, which absolutely threw me off. I'll be better prepared the next test.

It is a fine line, but I enjoy being really busy! It can get a little stressful, but, hey. I have fun with it!