Just a quickie post.

2013-03-21 06:23:55 by LeTravino

I just updated my Links [right under my user stats] so that it includes my Twitter and Tumblr. I update those on the regular, so.. yeah, there's that, if you care at all! I also threw in my new Skype, so I can finally maybe set up some collaborations in the future.

As for the cartoon...

I've scrapped my most recent script and I've been rewriting it. There were some characters that honestly just took away from the jokes, and scrapping them completely has proven to be not only easier, but funnier. It means I'm gonna have to record again, but, I did get some really neat advice from Ross "RubberNinja" that'll prove wicked useful, and should turn out to be much easier to upload into Flash.

I always feel kind of weird and shy talking to the more esteemed people in the field, but, I really do look up to them, and I greatly appreciate their replies and advice, and certainly do hope for their friendship one day. I kind of sound like a typical fanboy, but, heroes are heroes, no matter what way you slice it.

Anyhoo, I've also gone through a minimum of 10 character redesigns for the main character, both physical- and personality-wise, but I think I have what I need now.

Progress is going so slow, I can barely stand it. Between scrapping the script multiple times, work obligations, exams.. it's all just kind of attacking me at once. I knew animating during the semester would be tough, but, I didn't think it'd be this crazy. But, I'm still chugging along, uphill, slow and steady.

So, as always, take care of yourselves!

Thank you guys for your inspiring words, urging me not to drive myself insane doing this, and to take things slowly. It might not come out on a regular schedule like I'd hoped, but I'd rather give my best than rush and get a bad rap for doing shoddy work because I wanted it done too quickly.


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2013-03-21 17:41:35

Ross is a good dude, and don't feel shy about asking around - NG regulars respect those who want to better their game. As for your characters, do what writers do: make a bio. List name date age place of birth, the whole shebang. As for the plot/script, it's good to have the main points mapped out: inciting incident, point of no return (end of act 1), mid plot point reversal...
You're doing a great job despite your schedule... far better than most people your age (me included)!