It starts!

2013-03-16 19:19:12 by LeTravino

Welp, I've gotten the recording done for my next short. After plugging it all in in Flash, I'll start doing the rough sketchwork and storyboarding. I'll be taking my sketchpad with me to work today, so I'll get some ideas down on paper. The whole process took a lot longer than I thought, but it is rolling slowly but surely!

It wasn't much, but, that's what's going on. I have an unusual work schedule that has two potential free days off. It's too bad, though.. tests in school are coming up as well, and I may just have to use those days for studying, which is a total bummer.

I swear, once I finally get a car, I'm gonna get a custom license place thinger that says 'I'd rather be animating'

Take care of yourselves, guys!

Hopefully soon I'll have some concept art. Until then, I'm still not quite gonna say what my next short is about. Hopefully, though, you gamer kids out there will like it.


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2013-03-16 21:22:06

Do work, kiddo. No rushing.

LeTravino responds:

No rushing, ever! Even just the recording process has been meticulous. I've redone it four times so far, and a fifth is coming possibly tomorrow. The concepts for the characters have been redone time and again, and the scripts been retouched I can't tell you how many times. It's been in existence since before Ketchup Pump even started, but I've yet to be 100% happy with it

I really wish I had a microphone, though.


2013-03-16 21:38:53

Doing a little every day is more than enough. Don't scrimp on the sleep!

LeTravino responds:

Fret not! I'm sleeping A-OK. I just can't skimp out on sleep. I feel too horrid if I do.


2013-03-17 16:21:01

dat dedication

LeTravino responds:

I'm certainly trying. I wish I had more time to devote to it, honestly, but.. c'est la vie